Tickets to see Baby Animals and Pseudo Echo in Townsville are fast disappearing as eager music fans rush to secure their place on the grass at the Townsville Rock Fest (formerly Not too Old to Dance) this September.

Since bookings for the Over 40s-focused event opened on June 1, Townsville’s mature music lovers have been abuzz with excitement about the legendary double-bill who’ll be supported by local bands Supersonic Sex Machine, GodFathers of Funk, The Blessed Outlaws, Euphoria, and Inertia.

Local man John Strickland was the first to get his hands on tickets – a feat he and his wife Kerry have managed every year since the event started in 2012.

“We just really love live music from the 60s, 70s and 80s; those old school guys were real – they wrote their own music, there was no auto-tune and no half-naked girls on stage to distract you from the lack of talent,” said Mr Strickland. “It was just a couple of guys in jeans and a t-shirt rocking out with a guitar.”

Past concert-goers would have likely spotted the Stricklands at the first two Not too Old to Dance concerts, as Kerry is well-known for being the first one to start dancing and the last to stop.

“The last two years we’ve set up camp early in front of the sound tent and Kerry wastes no time busting out the dance moves. Both years she’s had other women come down and ask if they can join in. That’s the thing about people our age – we’re not interested in fighting or arguing or going out to night clubs until 3am – we just want to have a few beers, a laugh with some friends and a nice afternoon out,” Mr Strickland said.

“The Townsville Rock Fest caters perfectly to the older crowd; we’ll keep being first in line for tickets, for as long as the event goes on.”

Promoter Margie Ryder said she was thrilled that the Townsville Rock Fest had developed such a loyal following.

“The Johns and Kerrys of the world are the very reason we came up with The Townsville Rock Fest in the first place. There’s plenty of music events on for the young ones, but September 13 is all about the oldies!”

Music lovers under 40 years of age will only be granted entry to the Townsville Rock Fest with a fake ID that ages them by 20 years. The IDs will be available on the gate for a $5 donation to charity.