Good news for young lovers of classic rock who want to attend this year’s Townsville Rock Fest, with organisers allowing entry to Under 40s as long as they pay a ‘Youngun’s Fee’ to enter the Festival, headlined by Baby Animals and Pseudo Echo.

The Townsville Rock Fest – formerly Not too Old to Dance – started in 2012 as an exclusively Over 40s event, but with music lovers just shy of the age line disappointed at missing out and Over 40s keen to see age restrictions stay, organisers have decided the only fair compromise is to charge Under 40s a little extra to attend.

Event promoter Margie Ryder said the move would help separate the true rock lovers from those who were just out to party and make a nuisance of themselves.

“The Townsville Rock Fest was created to give older music lovers a great day out, set to the hits of their generation. The goal was to build an event for the mature crowd to get together and have a boogie without being judged for their wrinkles and wobbly bits,” said Mrs Ryder.

“However, we do realise that some keen punters fall just on the wrong side of 40 and want to be able to welcome them to the Townsville Rock Fest without opening the floodgates to hoardes of young people who could spoil the vibe for everyone else.

“The decision to allow younger ones in for a slightly higher ticket price was made after a lot of community consultation and has so far been well received. The Youngun’s Fee reminds event-goers that the day is designed especially for ‘the oldies’ and requires younger ones to prove their love of old rock by going a little further to get in the gate,” Mrs Ryder said.

Under 40s wishing to attend the Townsville Rock Fest will be charged an extra $5, which will buy them a Fake ID for the event. The ID will run young rockers photo through an aging ap to make them look 20 years older and the Youngun’s Fee will be donated to Connecting Rainbows – a local charity supporting and encouraging grassroots volunteers.

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